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Rethink video

znuni is your partner for interactive video experiences. As a team of learning experts, videographers, storytellers, trainers and facilitators we exist to help you to make video and learning experiences interactive, valuable and fun again.

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Our customers

"Creating engaging learning content is tough. Especially when you have the Generation Y & Z as a target group. With interactive videos we found an entertaining way of helping our store staff understand sales processes fast. I can only recommend a collaboration with and using interactive videos as a modern tool of learning."

Hens Grubenmann | Senior Speciaist


The power of interactive

Let your audience be part of the story


Reach your audience anywhere, anytime

Let your content go viral


Wow your people with new ways of learning


Use video for things you never used it before

Profit from experts in learning, digital and video all in one team


Streamline your communication

Have unseen engagement

You think it's all about the numbers, right?

4 times higher engagement rate

Our current projetcts have a engagement rate which is four times highter than with noninteractive learning content.

91% prefer interactive

A Buzzfeed survey showed that 91% of consumers preferred consuming interactive content. So what are you waiting for?

Double your learning success

Our condensed stories within interactive videos feature more than double the learning success from 13% to 28%.



38% of pageviews are generated by returning visitors, looking for more helpful insight about their task ahead

The board of many good things

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