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The team of

We are a team of friends who work in different field with a common passion for human communication and learning. Together we love to create innovative engaging learning experiences in the form of interactive videos. We look forward to co-create with you!

Sina Mehl

Head of Operations

Starting her career in HR and leading project teams, she has always been passionate about supporting people in their learning and development. This led her to facilitating many leadership seminars in Germany and Switzerland for leaders on all levels – and to her current work as a trainer and coach.  For 6 years now, she has been running projects to create a space for like-minded people to learn, connect and to grow themselves and their businesses.  When she is not doing trainings or creating new learning projects, she is traveling the world to find great surf spots.


Daniel Marti

Head of  Business Development

Daniel is passionate about building new products, experiences and startups.  This led him to build an innovation company called beyon which is a unique network of entrepreneurs working together as a consulting team. His clients are local and global players in different business areas. His products mostly have a digital background but he is always psyched  about the things you can touch and feel. is one of his passion projects because it is a product which combines people, creativity, technology and learning.

Kai Christen

Head of Learning

Kai loves people and communication and it shows in his bio. At the tender age of 14, Kai already gained sales and communication experience as a sales rep in the family business. He attended his first course in rhetoric at the age of 17. After graduating his master's degree and more than 10 years of sales and project management experience, Kai started a coaching business together with Sina. He is an international full-time trainer and coach in the areas of sales, leadership, team development as well as project management.


Pablo Callisaya

Head of Story

Pablo is a Master graduate in screenwriting from Zurich University of the Arts. He is a passionate story teller who’s goal is to keep your attention on the screen and to provide every project with authentic dialogue. As a writer/director he has produced several films and as of 2018 he’s also working as a teacher for screenwriting.

Moritz Hossli

Head of Movie 

Moritz did his Master’s degree in art & media at Berlin University of the Arts. He is the eye behind znuni, always looking for the right shot, making sure that every picture plays a part in the whole product. His work as a video artist has been shown at several renowned exhibitions around Switzerland.

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